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NEWEDGE Overseas

With a unilateral focus on patient care, we, at NEWEDGE Overseas, collaborate with nations, corporations, & communities to bring affordable and accessible lifecare solutions to people. Being a tech-enabled establishment with experience of 9+ years, we are one of the fastest-growing entities in the API, FDF, excipient, & intermediate sectors.

With a strong commitment to consistency & clarity, we excel in product development, contract manufacturing, licensing opportunities for pharma development. These, along with an extensive portfolio, swift access to raw materials, and a host of industry services, make us a one-point contact for all your needs.

With an in-house dedicated research team that continually keeps a tab on the industry trends, innovations, and other developments, we constantly update our portfolio to offer the best options to our patrons. This team also helps us procure hard-to-find APIs through reliable sources and offer the best possible solutions to our clientele, and ultimately, the patients.

Two crucial factors that affect the accessibility and affordability of pharmaceutical products for the patients are the efficacy of the supply-chain management, and the strength of the distribution network. These factors are true for both; the APIs and the finished products.

Through a robust network of manufacturers, distributors, and other stakeholders, we, at NEWEDGE ensure that all products are dispatched in a timely manner at optimum cost. Moreover, our partnerships with entities on all levels (higher, middle, and lower) help us offer customised dynamic solutions keeping in mind your requirements, budget, and priorities.


NEWEDGE Overseas was established in 2013 with a clear objective of making the pharmaceutical side of patient care affordable and accessible for all. Since then, the 9-year-long journey has been rife with numerous ups and downs. Nevertheless, with a clear vision and the blood and sweat of a dedicated team, NEWEDGE Overseas has emerged stronger and better after every setback, financial or otherwise.

With every year and every new step, NEWEDGE Overseas has grown, strengthened and established new milestones in this journey. Today, the company stands tall amidst its competitors and is known for its highly ethical conduct in the market, so much so that every small commitment made by the company is now considered a promise that would be fulfilled.

Today, NEWEDGE Overseas boasts of:

  • Trading in 2000+ APIs
  • Partnering with 500+ entities
  • Dealing in 40+ countries

Having created a niche for itself in the API sector, the company now specialises in securing rare and hard-to-find APIs.


To become the leading entity in the pharmaceutical sector and becoming a one-point solution for sectoral needs. NEWEDGE Overseas aims to establish a manufacturing unit in the near future, thus reversing its role in the supply chain. It will be the first in a robust group of units that will boast of state-of-the-art facilities.


Our mission is to reinvent the way healthcare across the world is undertaken so as to make processes patient-centric as well as future-friendly in all pharmaceutical and allied sectors. The aim is to make pharmaceutical care accessible as well as affordable for all, thereby paving the way for a healthier future.

  • To fulfil the gaps in the pharmaceutical side of patient care
  • To fulfil all present and future needs of the healthcare sector
  • To remain committed to constant evolution
  • To remain abreast with the latest development in the sector
  • To provide the best and the most advanced pharma solutions


Chetan Savaliya

Chetan Savaliya

Mr. Chetankumar Savaliya, the founder of NEWEDGE Group, established the group’s flagship company – NEWEDGE Overseas, with a clear vision of providing the best and the most advanced solutions in the pharmaceutical sector. With deep compassion for patient care, he has always strived to work towards creating a future where patient care is prioritized and where new benchmarks pertaining to life quality and longevity are set time and again.

A two-decade-long experience in the field has helped Mr. Savaliya evolve to understand the importance of staying updated and walking a few steps ahead of others. Thus, with an acute focus on nurturing a proactive research and development team, and with an open-minded and flexible approach while initiating new partnerships, he is accomplishing unprecedented results in the sector.

With this clear vision, as the company is racing towards securing top positions in the supply-chain management in the industry, it is Mr. Savaliya’s pioneering vision and dynamic approach that is helping the company set new standards in the global healthcare industry. He is the force behind NEWEDGE that is helping secure new partnerships every day that are essential for offering innovative and advanced pharma solutions to patients across the globe.


Advanced Pharma Solutions

In an ever-evolving industry like pharmaceuticals, it is imperative that all stakeholders remain abreast with the latest industry trends and developments. At NEWEDGE Overseas, we have a dedicated team that keeps a tab on all these to provide only the best pharma and the most advanced pharma solutions. Moreover, we customise our services as per the needs and requirements of our patrons.

Trusted Partnerships

At NEWEDGE Overseas we believe that the best pharma solutions cannot be provided without the help of several partnerships that encompass entities at various levels. This is imperative because dealing with stakeholders on each level comes with a unique set of advantages and challenges. Having multiple partnerships at all levels help us devise the best solutions as per the requirements of each patron.

Supply Chain Resilience

We at NEWEDGE Overseas have understood that the most significant advantage for any organization working in this sector is the strength and resilience of its supply chain management. With a firm grip on this crucial factor, we can offer the best of products and services and highly customisable solutions.


Our strong business network and trusted partnerships with various industry stakeholders allow us to elevate the scalability of products, be it raw materials like APIs and Excipients or FDFs. This also advances our efforts to make all our products and services cost effective and accessible.

Holistic Support

At NEWEDGE Overseas, we value long-term collaborations with patrons, and believe in providing end-to-end solutions to all our clients so as to make their experiences seamless. We also believe that our patrons help our products reach the end consumer or the patient, hence we value their feedback and believe in providing end support for every order.

An All Encompassing Portfolio

As a one-point contact for all pharmaceutical or nutraceutical needs, we keep adding new products to our portfolio. These include products existing in the market or newly developed products that result from advancements in pharmaceutical R&D. Currently, our portfolio had pharma elements that include 2000+ APIs and an extensive range of FDFs and intermediates.


We take pride in being socially responsible and hence believe in giving back to the society. For this we organize awareness drives, blood donation drives and more.

NEWEDGE overseas is the fastest growing pharma intermediate

One of the fastest-growing pharma intermediates is NEWEDGE Oversea

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NEWEDGE Overseas

we, at NEWEDGE Overseas, value long-term collaborations with patrons