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Our business model clearly distinguishes the role of pharma intermediate that we play between the manufacturers of raw materials and the pharmaceutical companies that deliver the end products to the consumers out in the market. The most critical aspect of our business model is market intelligence wherein our research and development team plays a significant role. Needless to say, liaisons in the global market that entail sourcing raw materials like APIs is something that we have grown to be proficient in.

Custom clearances and logistics solutions for seamless transactions of products/services across the globe need critical interventions which NEWEDGE Overseas has mastered. Though we do not conduct regulatory audits to enable deals with audited firms and those who follow the regulatory norms are our responsibility. In-out licensing is another service in which we have excelled so as to enable the best product/ service delivery out to the consumers.

We at NEWEDGE Overseas have over a period of time excelled in the same with a stamp of quality assurance. Our industry works on predictive analytics, and we at NEWEDGE Overseas are extremely resilient with the supply-chain management, as we can understand the demand and supply trends very well. And as we sail through in the market, over a period of time, catering to all kinds of advanced pharma solutions has become our core competency. 

In the pursuit of continuous improvement, we provide focussed after-sales support so as to understand how the product and services are received in the market. The outcome of our integrated business model is that we not only have excelled as an organization but have also become market leaders in the field of advanced pharma solutions.

pharma intermediate


With enviable infrastructure and a robust mechanism in place, NEWEDGE Overseas  is able to provide commendable support to its patrons as well as its partners, both of which have come to value our process optimisation methods, which encompasses several steps of progression.

Our process not only strengthens the steps from quote to delivery but also makes room for simultaneous strengthening of the network and the company, by working towards the extension of the portfolio as well as adding new partners.


In tune with its commitment of delivering the best products and services, NEWEDGE Overseas leverages its Market Intelligence for the benefit of its customers.


With trusted partnerships, we source APIs, raw materials and formulated products from across the globe, offering the best suited solutions to the customers.


Being one of the  most important deciding factors for the client, we ensure that  the commercial viability of our products and services surpasses global standards.


Our regulatory audits ensure that the products that we offer and the processes that we employ accurately comply with the regulatory dictats of specific countries.


In line with our commitment to provide holistic support, we boast of commendable after-sales services that include a robust feedback mechanism, among other such services.


Our in and out licensing services ensure that due credit and monetary compensation is levied for all deserving parties, thereby mitigating possibility of conflict.


With  high regard for fulfilling our promise of quality, our quality checks ensure that all our products meet industry standards and that our services are seamless.

pharma intermediate

pharma intermediate