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Pharmaceutical Industry

5 Latest Trends and Technologies of Pharmaceutical Industry in 2021

The pharmaceutical industry has been witnessing a remarkable transformation in recent years. Unlike other industries, the pharmaceutical sector has its niche for digitalization in research and development, sales

Significance of Patents in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Patents in the pharmaceutical industry are significantly crucial to get increased revenues in the commercial market. With tremendous advancements in technology, new drugs are coming into the

Recent Growth of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Egypt

Increased health awareness and expansion of the generic drug sector are the main attributes for the growth of the Pharmaceutical companies in Egypt. With over 120 domestic pharmaceutical companies, Egypt

7 Best APIs for the Anesthetics Category

Indian Pharmaceutical Companies play a significant role in the manufacturing and distributing of APIs in the Asian and global markets. API suppliers in India are emerging successfully with their range and quality of various therapeutic categories

Adopting Best Practices for Quality Management is Essential for Indian Pharmaceutical Companies

Implementation of quality management services is becoming mandatory in many industries, but following best practices for quality management in the pharmaceutical industry is essential.

Five Tips to Choose a Standard API Supplier

API supplier is an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry and so does the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for manufacturing safe and effective drugs. However, only a limited number of companies have their API manufacturing facilities

Why has the demand for Nutraceuticals rapidly increased in the Indian Market?

The latest trends and research show that the Indian market for nutraceuticals product is expected to grow from $ 4 billion in 2017 to $ 18 billion in 2025. Proven health benefits to humankind have created

Three reasons why Packaging and Labeling should not be underestimated in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Packaging and labeling are critical components irrespective of any industry for their products, but the Pharmaceutical industry has its niche for this. It does not just help in showcasing the product

A New Era Of Indian Pharmaceutical Companies With In-out Licensing Opportunities

In-Out licensing is a relatively new term for the pharmaceutical industry. However, it is gaining popularity because of the associated benefits in the local and global market.

How To Choose The Right CMO And CDMO Partners

In recent years, the Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) are becoming an integral part of the Indian pharmaceutical industry.